To Do List Before Moving

We all know that moving to a new home takes a long period of time of arranging and planning in order to avoid the things you will forget to plan for. To help you with the stress of planning, here are some of the tips of the moving process you should do before your big move!

✔ Start a file of all move-related documents such as; contacts, contracts and etc.

✔ Find referrals for covered doctors and dentists in your new place. Get copies of medical records and prepare school records to be transferred.

✔ Should it stays or should it go? Clear out what you don’t need because it will slow you down when you start packing. Time for garage sales and donation trips!

✔ Cut all unnecessary shopping. You Don’t want to buy food in bulk like you normally might. It’s subject to be trash in a month.

✔ Get all the supplies you need like boxes, tapes, etc. Reserve truck rentals. If you are using a mover, color code the boxes.

✔ Schedule utilities to be cancelled a couple days after you move out. Plan ahead to have them ready upon arrival at your new home, including an appointment with the cable/internet provider.

✔ Plan meals around the food that is left in your fridge. Make sure the bank knows you are relocating and address any financial adjustments you need to make.

✔ Finally, the part you have been dreading: It is time to pack! Be sure to mark what needs to be unpacked first and set these items aside.

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